Lead your team
with focus and design.

Leadership frameworks and toolkits that help
you achieve goals more quickly by improving 
team engagement and energy.

Leadership is a Craft: Lead with Focus and Design.

“Leadership is meeting people where they are, to gain their permission to guide them to where they need to go, in order to help them do what they need to do.” ~ Dave McAuley

Identify your Craft Points.

Aligning Goals with your Vision, Mission and Values is essential for achieving and sustaining success. Leaders must identify the tension to manage that will bring People and Tasks into alignment with the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization. We call this the Craft Point. Leading intentionally at Craft Points will position your team to accomplish Goals. 

Five Leadership Platforms

The Five Essential Platforms help Leaders Clearly Identify Issues so they can Engage Their Team in Crafting the Right Solutions for Success.











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Leaders and organizations that have benefited from COREX25:

  • Matt Wilhjelm - FACE Amusements 
  • Tim BurchfieldChick-fil-a
  • Tom SeatonThe Firehouse
  • Neil PolandMullican Hardwood Flooring
  • Chris MaslinBiltmore
  • Tembra AldridgeWashington Prime and The Mall at Johnson City
  • Steve WysongWysong Enterprises
  • Danny MalamisJersey Mike’s Team Washington
  • Raymond McBrideTriCon Construction
  • Will FleenorFleenor Security
  • Scott LedfordGeneral Shale
  • Joe HermanDanny Herman Trucking
  • Steve LaneProCompounding and Clinical Management Concepts
  • Dan BraggState of Franklin Healthcare Associates
  • Jerry CaldwellBristol Motor Speedway
  • Chris AlexanderAccess
  • Steve ReedBenchmark Mortgage

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