Our Mission

Our Mission is to help Leaders lead with Focus and Design in order to align and engage their team members to craft a pathway to success.


Dave McAuley

Dave McAuley is an independent certified Leadership Coach, Consultant and Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team. He is also certified in the 5 Voices system. Dave has over 40 years of experience in leading teams in a wide variety of settings including businesses, nonprofits and churches. In 2004 he started Summit Leadership Foundation. Dave views leadership as an opportunity to serve others and developed the COREX25 framework to help leaders identify issues and then craft solutions that will best serve their teams and align them for success.

Matt Overby

Using the servant leadership model from Jesus’s life, Matt believes that in order to achieve true success you must first be a great servant. In his role as the Executive Director of Summit Leadership Foundation he helps leaders develop their unique leadership capacity and connect their passion to the right people and the right resources. Matt’s experience prior to joining Summit was in corporate operational leadership roles with Chick-fil-A, Starbucks Coffee Company, and Target. Educated in business and marine biology at Florida State University, he considers himself a lifelong student of leadership.

Summit Life Proposed Remodel

We believe better leaders = better communities.

Summit Leadership Foundation was born out of a passion for connecting the right people and the right resources. Dave McAuley founded Summit in 2004 after reading the book Halftime and realizing that if he was ever going to act on that passion, now was the time.

From humble beginnings at his dinning room table to our current 40,000 square foot facility, Summit’s mission of serving communities around the world with the love of Jesus Christ by creating relational hubs for connecting, consulting, coaching, and caring has never wavered. Today we are blessed to serve over 200 non-profits, ministries, and churches.